Dec 6, 2008

Get well soon, Bettie

This is a bummer:
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Bettie Page, a 1950s pinup known for her raven-haired bangs and saucy come-hither looks, was hospitalized in intensive care after suffering a heart attack, her agent said Friday.

"She's critically ill," Mark Roesler of the Curtis Management Group told The Associated Press.

He said the 85-year-old had the heart attack Tuesday and was hospitalized Friday in the Los Angeles area.

A family friend, Todd Mueller, said Page was in a coma. When asked to confirm, Roesler said, "I would not deny that," but he would not comment further on her condition.
Getting old sucks.

UPDATE, 12/11: Bettie Page passed away tonight at age 85.

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Angie said...

Not that you or I would know anything bout getting old. We are still young!! :)