May 10, 2008

The People of Burma to Kim Kardashian: "Thanks, but no thanks. We're totally serious."

I love when she goes into a whole soliloquy about how she wrote her "thesis" about Burma while checking out her ass in the mirror.

(Courtesy of WWTDD.)


Angie said...

You've been tagged!

The million dollar question is - Would you give up one of your values / morals for $1 million?

Anonymous said...

Angie, you're assuming she has any morals/values.

Bruce jenner should seriously be forced to give back those Olympic medals for having anything to do with these whores.

And Reggie Bush should think about what f'ing this pig says about his lack of character.

pins&needles said...

She has no clue what goes on outside the LA and NY area in the world, does she? That's okay, because my expectations on her knowledge on anything is quite low.