Mar 20, 2007

Doughboy: Defensive much?

Ooh, do I hate smug.

Especially when this smugness comes from Karl "Doughboy" Rove. According to this article, Rove accompanied Dubya and Tony Snow to the GM plant in Fairfax, Kansas, when a reporter approached Rove to ask him a question. Check this shit out:
A reporter approached Rove to ask him what he thought of rumors that former Missouri Sen. Jack Danforth could replace embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. “How about you go over there and do your job,” Rove replied, pointed back to the media pool.
No he didn't.

First of muthafuckin' all, this reporter was doing his job, asking provocative questions and acting as a check on government. In your face.

Next thing you know, Rove will start to tell people to go fuck themselves.

I hope Rove gets what's coming to him. And fast.

(Props to Think Progress for the link.)


catherine said...

How mature and professional. Doesn't this sum up the Bush Admin oh so, well?

seamus said...

Turd blossom. The worst. I hope he goes bankrupt.

Athenawise said...

Gee, with the lack of solid job creation in the Bush Administration, the guy's lucky to have work.

Rove is an idiot.